Joker Madness

The Joker is a traditional feature of many casino games and this icon is a well known character in the world of slots. But, with our

BlackBeard Legacy

Win more than 3000 times your stake per spin with our first new pirate-theme game: Blackbeard Legacy. Let set sail and bring back as

The Four Inventions

Take a look around the Ancient China and behold the mighty 4 Inventions – Gunpowder, Compass, Printing and Paper-making 

Mythical Sand

Stay tune and get ready for a new adventure to an undiscovered land with our new slot game Mythical Sand. Defeat your enemies with

Cluster Mania

“Welcome to the new era of slot game industry : there will be no more lines-win or ways-win but instead will be CLUSTER-WIN.

Dragon Of The Eastern Sea

The almighty Dragon of the Eastern Sea is coming with his magical pearl and unlimited powerful skills. Time to discover many untold

Journey To The West

Get ready to embark on an Oriental adventure as you spin the reels of Journey To The West , an immersive online five-reels slot game. 

Wild Fairies

People never get bored of games with element of magic and mystery to them, and Wild Fairies definitely devlivers a huge dose of feel